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Big Sean on His SIZE

Big Sean interviews with Nessa at the WiLD949 KYLD SF Studios.

source @necolebitchie


Source: @necolebitchie

With Shade45 on deck, 2Chainz proceeds to promote his latest release TRUrealigion. Speaks briefly on Ludacris dissing Big Sean & Drake. Finishes the video by performing KO off of the mixtape which features Big Sean. S/o to Sway & Shade 45.

Just in time for the holiday, Dr. Dre and his counterparts have decided to release their most popular Headphones in an assortment of colors. The Headphones can now be purchased in Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple and Silver for the price of $350.

Chelsea Handler x Drake Interview

In the interview Drakes talks about his Jewish background, why he talks about his exes SO MUCH in his songs, his relationship with Nicki Minaj and his drink of choice. Some think Chelsea Handler went a little too far when she called Drake a “flaming homosexual” for naming white whine spritzer as his drink of choice. Drake, however, laughed it off .

In the future, a majority of your belongings, from your phone to your desk, will incorporate a touchscreen. That may sound a bit extreme until your see the new EXOdesk. Made by a company called EXOPC, the EXOdesk is a transparant workspace that looks and acts like a extremely large iPad. Users can use multi-touch gestures to go use apps and widgets. EXOPC will be displaying the 40-inch EXOdesk at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in January.

Oh, one more thing: It’s going on sale next year for $1,300. So if you’re in the market for a piece of the future—one with a limited app selection (EXOPC plans to soon release HTML 5 multi-touch development kit for developers), this is for you.

Back when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were just a smelly hippie and an electronics geek with big ideas, they famously incorporated Apple Computer while working out of Jobs’s parents’ garage. Ronald Wayne, a minority owner in the fledgling company (who quit two weeks later when he got cold feet) and the only one of the three with any actual business experience, drew up the paper work. Now those documents, which formally created the pivotal consumer electronics company, will be auctioned as a part of Sotheby’s Fine Books and Manuscripts auction on December 13.

Just three pages long, and mostly fancy-sounding legal jargon, the contract is expected to fetch over $100,000. It’s dated April 1, 1976 and is signed by Jobs, Wozniak and Wayne and, according to Walter Isaacson’s biography of Jobs, spells out their duties as follows: “Wozniak shall assume both general and major responsibility for the conduct of Electrical Engineering; Jobs shall assume general responsibility for Electrical Engineering and Marketing, and Wayne shall assume major responsibility fo Mechanical Engineering and Documentation.”

Nike LeBron 9 “Blackout”

Well, Black Friday is over — hope you survived — and, apparently, so is the NBA lockout. Early this morning, the two sides came to a tentative agreement that should ensure that there is a 2011-12 NBA season, starting on Christmas day. If you’re the type who wants to celebrate early, you can pick up these blacked-out Nike LeBron 9s through Foot Locker for $169.99 right now.

Webbie is permanently banned from further appearances on BET’s 106nPark after Rocsi accused him of sexually harassing her during a taping.

Here is Rocsi’s side of the story:

Webbie claims that Rocsi wanted him and Terrance J was just jealous.

Here is Webbie’s side of the story:

New Basketball Wives

Meet the TWO new Basketball Wives of Miami, Kenya Bell and Kesha Nichols.

Meeka Claxton has been replaced by TWO drama filled women. Kenya Bell, former Miss Michigan, is known for recently arrested for stabbing her husband, Charlie Bell of Golden State Warriors. To make the situation worse, the stabbing occurred in front of their two small children. They are in the middle of a divorce, so technically they are still married.

The second new basketball wife is Kesha Ni’cole Nichols, ex-fiance of San Antonio Spurs Richard Jefferson. She was only days away from becoming Mrs. Jefferson before Mr. Jefferson called off their $2 million wedding VIA EMAIL then proceeded to lock her out of their apartment. He also promised her a 6 figure concession check that she NEVER received.

Kesha is reportedly blending well with the original cast, but Kenya may be having trouble getting along with the women. Both of these women have PLENTY of drama to bring to the show!

Its almost the year’s end and we still have three Jordan retros yet to release — the black Flips, “Last Shot” XIVs and maybe the most anticipated of them all, the “Concord” XIs. The Concords are set to land this December 23rd, just in time to put them on your Christmas wish list. Not deviating much from the original, the only noticeable difference is the more blue-ish outsole. Have you been a good sneakerhead this year? (We say they were the second-best XIs ever. What do you think?)

Rihanna releases a promotional video for the release of  “Talk That Talk.” The video shows Rihanna interacting with her family and gives a glimpse of her personal life.

Check out an inside look of ‘Family Values”

Narrated by Jay-Z

T.I. is featured on VIBE magazine’s ‘Year End issue’. In the December/January issue, the author/rapper had a bit to say about the affairs that went down during his time in prison, like Osama Bin Laden’s death and Tracy Morgan’s offensive joke about homosexuals. Check out what he had to say. Do you agree?

On Tracy Morgan’s joke & American equal rights: Man, I will say this, the funniest joke I ever heard Tracy say during a stand-up was, ‘C’mon man, I think gay people are too sensitive. If you can take a dick, you can take a joke.’ [Cracks up laughing.] That shit was funny to me. And it’s kind of true.’ While T.I. makes clear that he supports anyone’s sexual preference, he then connects, in his opinion, a current oversensitivity among gay people with a consequential and ironic offense of the First Amendment. “They’re like,‘If you have an opinion against us, we’re gonna shut you down.’ … That’s not American. If you’re gay you should have the right to be gay in peace, and if you’re against it you should have the right to be against it in peace.’

On being skeptical about Bin Laden’s death: The conversation shifts from Muammar Gaddafi’s death—which occurred five days prior—to Osama Bin Laden’s assassination to both Eastern giant’s once empowered relationship with the U.S. government. “It’s like everybody that the U.S. was besties with, years later they’re the worst person in the world,” says Tip. “My question is what character traits do they possess now that they didn’t possess when y’all were besties? What made it go astray, and who’s to say they were on the dishonest end of that?”

The politic’n doesn’t stop there. Before an article can be selected from the “Osama Bin Laden killed” search, T.I. twists his lips in sarcastic fashion and shoots, “If that really happened.”


VIBE’s ‘Year End issue’ hits news stands on December 6!

Trey Songz celebrated his 27th birthday at the good ol’ LAVO Nightclub at The Palazzo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kevin Liles and Kevin Hart rolled through to show some love on his special day. 

Trey dropped a free stream video of his upcoming project, Inevitable EP which drops on Tuesday, November 29. You can hear a few tracks from it in the video below. Happy birthday to him!

Pre-Listen: Trey Songz ‘Inevitable EP’

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