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Game Left Waiter A Tip Of $6000!

The man who waited on Game’s table yesterday had the Easter of his LIFE, when he was tipped a generous $6000 for what was apparently some amazing service! “Left my waiter @ikwuakor a $6,000 tip !!!!!!!!!!!!! My HEART made me do it,” Game told his followers. But don’t just point the finger and say how dumb it is when there are other people in need. He let the world know he takes care of them too. “& before yo hatin a*s get to doing what you do best, YES I help the homeless, YES I help families in NEED, YES my nig*as ALL straight & so is MY FAMILY….. My kids… Well, you already know that swaggin dumb out here…. & anyone I can help I do.” I should add he was also drunk, LOL. But that’s still an amazing gesture! Check out how HAPPY the waiter was below.





New Music: Game x Wale “Stripper”

Video: Shyne Dissing The Game freestyle


NEW MUSIC: Game – Holy Water

There’s not a limit for the eccentricity and ways to show off. In some places such as the French Riviera it’s not enough to own a supercar because they’re common to see. If you want to stand out, you have to make it unique, and most of the times it means also overkill. This Ferrari F430, recently bought by american rapper The Game for 200k $, it’s finished on the exterior with a full leather wrap done by Dartz. Is this the new frontier of extreme customization?

Technical data – Ferrari F430 F1

Engine – 4.3L V8 with 490hp / 465nm
Performance – 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) acceleration in 4.0s, top speed 315km/h (196mph)
Curb weight – 1,450 kg
Price – 179.500€

Chris Brown made it clear this is a Drake Diss! Listen:

In case you missed it, here is his verse with the lyrics:

Pooch Hall the Rapper?

Pooch Hall is naturally corny, it’s not just in his Derwin character from The Game. He is currently working on his acting character along with his newly added rap career. He has teamed up with ghostwriter Consequence to jump start a rap career. The team recently sat down with The Breakfast Club of Power 105.1 and Pooch ‘spit a hot 16’ and he should stick to his mediocre acting.  He also hinted that he may be rejoining  the cast of The Game.

New Video: Game Ft Kendrick Lamar- The City

Words can’t express just how excited I am to be posting this. The Game released The R.E.D Album on August 23, 2011 and since then the only video from the album, prior to Martian Vs. Goblins, was “Pot of Gold” ft Chris Brown. “Red Nation” ft Lil Wayne also has a video, but that was released early May, months before the album dropped.

The Game showcases his acting abilities as a patient in a psychiatric hospital equipped with scary white contacts and a stray jacket. The game is pushed in a wheel chair by a just as creepy old nurse until he reaches Tyler The Creator’s room, also a patient in the hospital. Was Tyler doing the Bernie?

Sneak Peek of Season 5 of THE GAME

BET gave its audience a sneak peek of season 5 of The Game during the airing of Reed Between The Lines. This upcoming season looks to be full of cameos from stars such as singer Brandy, playing Jason’s love interest, Deray Davis, Nene Leakes, and Cole from Martin among tons of others.

It’s pretty obvious all of the special appearances are used to distract the audience from the lack of story line and the fact that Kelly Pitts, Brittany Daniel, is clearly not coming back.

Tia & Tamera Stork Delivery (VIDEO)

Watch the first sneak peek clip as Tia Mowry and husband Cory head to the hospital to deliver their adorable bundle of joy, Cree.

Tia and Tamera are about to begin a whole new chapter of their lives. For Tamera, it’s starting to make plans for a family of her own, and for Tia, it’s balancing her new job as a mom and a working actress as she prepares to move to Atlanta to film for BET’s The Game.

Catch this extra bonus clip below to see how the twins are adapting to their new lives!

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